Front-end developer

ADF Active

ADF Active is a fitness app targeted at people who want to joint the Australian Defence Force in order to help them pass the pre-entry fitness assessment.

Technologies : Cordova/Ionic, AngularJS, .NET

compressor is an online tool to compress different types of images (png, jpg, gif, svg). It can compress a photo up to 90% wih almost no quality loss. There are two types of compression available: lossless and lossy. The user can save the file directly to his Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Personnal project

Technologies : HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, PHP

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Pilots - Royal Australian Air Force

Campaign page to promote the Air Force pilot job.

Technologies : VelocityJS, .NET

Out Of Home - Engineers animation

Out of home clip made from a canvas based webpage.

It uses a ThreeJS particles plugin to loop through 3D models.

Technologies : ThreeJS, Canvas. is an online QR Code generator. The user can create different type of QR Code : link, text, email, geolocation, SMS, phone, WIFI access. The QR Code color is customizable.

Personnal project

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP

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icones-gratuites is one of the biggest french database for free icons. There are around 800+ icon sets listed by categories. There's also a big list of free icon fonts.

The english version is available at

Personnal project

Technologies: Wordpress

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Goûters Magiques is a referent in the French pastry market. This corporate website contains a products catalog and custom forms.

Agency: ID Interactive

Technologies: custom CMS, HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP

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Whaou! are famous for their tasty crepes. I was responsible for the creation of Flash games, widgets and managing the website.

Agency: ID Interactive

Technologies: Flash, Air, jQuery, PHP

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Le Ster Le Patissier is a French pastries brand. They bake a wide range of gourmet and tasty products. I was in charge to create the website, and also sweepstakes Flash games (4 per years) to promote the brand.

Agency: ID Interactive

Technologies: custom CMS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

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lester le patissier
ID Interactive

ID Interactive is a French digital agency I've been working for 3 years as a web developer.

Agency: ID Interactive

Technologies: custom CMS, jQuery, PHP

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